Monday, April 7, 2008


this morning I find time to read news at Javanese morning newspaper Post today date: 7th April 2008 interesting at thinking I am news title: " MALIGN CLOYING SITES IS BLACKED OUT" unhappily that lovely news at places at page rear end must it places it

at despite front page at sectioned keci's column its bar eunuch that newspaper. Akh that JPNN'S authority my word at heart.
since there is flank which absorbing once deep pemikirankku.
You Tube's blockade this time not only inisiati of bad blood blogger with racialist but blacks out it is specified with menkominfo's Decree no.: 85 / m KOMINFO / 04 / 08 dates 2nd April 2008 its contents about tube's calumny blockade and is passed round to 146 ISP and 30 NAP that is at Indonesia
One that comes to question I if organizer y. tube also dikirimi that letter and if y. tube identically with belonging of matter Google that really responsible in here is Google as owner it.
Eventually all that tofu order of Google so blog's forbidden tights web that RASIALISASI'S comprising Content, or its good looks contains element SARA and contains PORN element just try logs in at bloger and sought for at tentan kontendari's warnings one blog. cannikin yes?
on the contrary Breach of this SARA'S order just appearance of owners ruling that alone cannikin jokes? seberapapun glosses over that did by Google party therefore Google party mempertanggungjawabkannya shall be before common variously e.g. by erase absolutely sites ytube and substitutes it other sites that as toned as and online ala apology.
I really bersukur really that Indonesian commanding party bertsungguh severely comment this ytube's problem.
and surprisingly this evening I open wordpress. if last night still nangkring some postingan gets title bearing calumniate ad who downloads, available... macem mace but this evening not at all looked titles about calumny tersebut.rupanya sides wordpress also wants following black out somethings about calumny ata there is other thinkings....?

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