Thursday, March 13, 2008

you have once go to Indonesia? haven't....?

you have once go to Indonesia? haven't....? you have once go to Indonesia? haven't....?
Indonesia is archipelagic state.. said such because consisting of a lot of island with darisabang's bounds at territorial sumatra region darus's acheh greeting until merauke is irian's region dignity abuts with papuan newguini at pacifik's oceanic waters south

well, I will story about natural resources which prop tourism at indonesian region
I just start last information that I get from print media

darussalam's acheh region, on orde baru decade at conceive of Military Operation Region. all acheh seldom or never safe. up until helsinky's agreement signing at yugoslav.
latterly acheh region was enough pulih returns, safe of threat and trouble kind of before

wars ex regions at darussalam's acheh now as icon nature tourism. there are many intern tourist comes to acheh to see of near TNI'S soldier hiding place and movement member stations independent achehs
really been deplored if you don't see and proving own to there.
one that is at acheh not only what say so upon previously. but there is absorbing nature charm with rimbunan forest that stills to raise hell. and indeed available toba's lake and nias's island. and is still a lot of information about that .
one that as wizard it is ex GAM'S member that recruited by tourism firm to guide tourists which comes visit to go to martial ex region that. its person is friendly and pretty good its english language becomes don't worried you are secured safe and your first deponent incoming to that region.
there is firm even travel and turism that is explorer's acheh that gets office at dutch state
see you again

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