Monday, March 17, 2008

CAUTION WITH . . . . . $US news from gainscope(forex)

one reproved divide for your leisured one with foreign exchange and
this warning from
financial's institute.
this letter is transferred to the customer of warier with Us Dollar


Becareful for this high volatile market that happened in this
year. This is happened because of the crisis in USA that caused
by the Subprime Mortgage.

After EUR/USD hit 1.5 as we predict last year ago, now EUR/USD
probably will hit a new record high again 1.6000 if US still
cannot resolve their problem.

and at date Mar 18 (14:15pm New York Time) there will be some
announcement about US Interest Rate. This news will shake
the market if The Fed cut the USD interest rate more than 2.50%
You can keep an eye for this news, because this news is
very important.

We hope this information will help your trading.

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